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Stylish Illumination to Brighten Your Home By: Jennifer McGuire

Stylish Illumination to Brighten Your Home

Lighting has come a long way since the days of an ordinary square of frosted glass adorning the center of the ceiling. With an almost unlimited range of options, interior lighting today is creative, versatile and every bit as important as the furniture you choose.

Inside the home, light serves to helpfully illuminate the spaces where we work and play, but it also creates an overall mood. Successful lighting design involves more than simply tucking a few extra lamps into dark corners. Whether you are planning illumination for a remodel or supplementing your current array, here are a few points to keep in mind.

Let’s Be Practical

Fixtures should be bright and focused for cooking, desk work, reading, grooming, crafts and games, while general illumination should allow for ease with cleaning and other practical housekeeping tasks. Motion-sensor staircase and nightlights add an extra measure of safety.

A Matter of Attraction

Place the light where you’d like to direct focus. Use a spot or up-light to draw attention to a particularly attractive architectural feature, sculpture or large potted plant. A framed photograph or painting can be showcased using a mounted picture light from above.

Set the Mood

Dimmer switches alter the ambiance easily and dramatically, turning general illumination and task lights into party lighting. Nearly every fixture and room can benefit from this simple hardware adjustment. And while high-wattage overhead bulbs are ideal for playrooms or workspaces, they’re not particularly flattering. Select softer, warm-tone bulbs for dining room fixtures and chandeliers.

Variety and Versatility

Rooms that serve multiple purposes will require a number of different light sources. A kitchen island requires plenty of light for food prep and homework, but a softer glow is in order when it doubles as a bar or buffet when you’re entertaining. Versatile, USB-chargeable LED lamps can be moved around where light is needed most – from room to room or even to brighten up the patio or porch.

Accentuate the Positive

Add a bit of drama with a touch of neon, a draped light rope, a sprinkling of twinkle lights or a set of shelving lights to artistically display a special collection. Explore the unexpected – install a colorful paper lantern in a powder room or an elegant chandelier in the guest bedroom. Make an older fixture or sconce feel new again with a distinctive bulb choice. Edison bulbs have lately been having a moment, but flame-tipped, spiral, vintage diamond shapes and even amber glow bulbs can be transformative.

The Art of the Matter

Sculptural lighting has emerged as a novel way to add some character as well – a striking work of art with a practical purpose. Spindly pendant lights, funky Art Deco sconces and styles that incorporate industrial metal accents are brilliant choices to spice things up in an otherwise conservative space.

Make a Statement

Fixtures with oversized shades or in an unusual shape can become a focal point in a main living area like a family room or even a smaller space such as an office or library. New styles range from futuristic to retro 70s cool, and custom designs can incorporate antiques, found objects, art glass or metalwork.

Efficiency Is Key

Acknowledging the importance of energy efficiency, LED bulbs and fixtures are now available in a multitude of sizes, styles and brightness levels.  And with the latest in smart home technology, a single panel or remote for your entire property can manage indoor and outdoor illumination, automatic on-off, window coverings, vacation lights and much more.

Lighting can run the gamut from sophisticated and modern to traditional or romantic – and should always be uplifting and inspiring. Careful attention to illumination will enhance the comfort and overall feel of your home for both family and guests. It’s limited only by your imagination to make it brilliant!