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Score a Hole in One When Choosing a Golf Course Home By: Jennifer McGuire

Score a Hole in One When Choosing a Golf Course Home

Buying a house on the links means more than just enjoying acres of lush greens, sparkling ponds and well-manicured hills in your own backyard. There are other important factors to take into consideration before making the decision to join a golf course community.


Remember that the beautiful surroundings come with their own unique inhabitants – from birds and turtles to more exotic, reptilian wildlife in some cases. Think about whether this strikes you as an enchanting feature that will serve as a source of constant entertainment, or a potential nuisance.

Extra Fees

In addition to homeownership, many golf communities come with mandatory greens upkeep fees for which residents are responsible. That perfectly landscaped lawn you get to enjoy may come at a significant price. So make sure you understand any associated fees or homeowner association costs up front.


The house’s proximity to the course will obviously determine the amount of privacy and quiet you can expect. Visit the home at different times of day to check out the traffic flow, and investigate details such as what time of day the mowing is generally done. Consider whether early-bird games will be an intolerable, noisy disruption to your alfresco breakfasts, if landscaping work done later in the day will regularly disturb your poolside yoga session, or if the occasional golf ball in your yard will be a happy surprise or a cause for consternation and nagging concern.


If you’re an avid player, then of course you’ll be more than happy to take full advantage of the perks associated with being in a golf community. As a paying member, you will likely have your choice of tee times and be able to enjoy discounted rates, invitations to tournaments and other great benefits. Also consider whether the activities offered throughout the year by the clubhouse are events you can appreciate. If you don’t intend on participating in the barbecues, buffet dinners and other planned gatherings intended to fill your social calendar, then the additional clubhouse fee will not be worth your while. The rules and requirements of every neighborhood differ, so be certain to review the ins and outs with your agent.

While living in a golf community brings with it an undeniable sense of prestige and security, there are other features that need to be carefully evaluated when house hunting. Considering these factors will help you find the golf course community home that’s perfect for your lifestyle.